The authentic church is totally confident Jesus is on the throne and that God’s purposes for His elect and His planet will unfold exactly as prophesied in His Word.

His church is Holy Spirit empowered, anchored in God’s Word (not tossed about by every “wind of doctrine”) and Kingdom focused.

Such churches are made up of remnant people. Jesus Himself, in His great prayer for His disciples in John 17, indirectly reveals their characteristics:

  • They know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It is a personal relationship and above all else they want to make Him known. They trust and obey Him.
  • They understand the role the Holy Spirit has in their life to be their counsellor, comforter and teacher and they seek His guidance in all things.
  • They cherish God’s Word. It is truth, the way of life.
  • They are commissioned to make disciples.
  • They are not “of” this world but in it to complete God’s set purpose. They are set apart, dedicated to the work entrusted to them.
  • They are hated by the world because of their total commitment to Christ and the Gospel.
The Way of Life

One thought on “THE REMNANT CHURCH

  1. Those apostles and sincere disciples of the Nazarene master teacher very well knew who Jesus was and what his role was and would be. Too many so-called Christians still do not want to accept that Jesus is the son of God and not a god the son. Jesus and his disciples did not worship Jesus but the heavenly father and only One True God of Israel, the God of Abraham Who is an eternal all-knowing Spirit Being no man can see; In Him, Jesus, his disciples and the real followers of Jesus Christ have put their trust and hope, looking forward to the return of the sent one from God, the Messiah Jeshua, son of David.


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