Rhett and Link” are a popular YouTube comedy duo.1 They were once professing Christians but have recently come out as “hopeful agnostics”. On their popular podcast, Ear Biscuits, they each spent a couple of hours detailing their walk away from the faith.2,3 This video put together by Dr Robert Carter of CMI is in response to those podcasts to help other struggling Christians with issues raised by Rhett and Link.

From my standpoint Rob does a great job of dealing with the issues both raise. Most of the issues arise out of their belief that evolution is true and due to the fact they have read books which support theistic evolution. Both came to the conclusion that it is untenable to believe the Bible and theistic evolution which is true.

This video is worth watching several times as it contains a lot of helpful information, presented well, which you can use in your efforts to bring the good news of Christ to those destined to punishment and a second death in the Lake of Fire after facing God at the White Throne Judgement.

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