This year is especially different due to COVID-19 and the closure of The Great Mosque of Mecca, commonly known as al-Masjid al-Harām. It has been over 900 years since this mosque was closed and not open for visitors making the Hajj (Muslim Pilgrimage). This is extraordinary to think about the power of corporate prayer and that Muslims worldwide are unable to access this right now. Could it be at such a time as this that they are even more open to encountering Christ through relationships, visions, dreams, and even media access ministries?
Ministries to Muslims such as Frontier Alliance International and Global Catalytic Ministries covet your prayers for the disciple makers living in the darkest regions of the earth and those taking risks to minister to Muslims at such a time as this.
Let us pray especially for those places we would consider the most dangerous places Christians to live according to the Open Doors World Watch List. Check it out.

Let’s pray particularly for believers who have come out of Islam. Please take some extra time to offer thanksgiving for each one who has left former things behind and is holding fast to a new life in Christ. Let us thank God for how they lay their lives down daily to risk and make disciples among their people and nations.

Pray for the Salvation of Muslims Worldwide [Hebrews 2:4] Pray that God would send His Spirit to every hungry, seeking, God-fearing, God loving, desperate, needy, and desiring-of-truth Muslim today. As Muslims seek truth and divine encounter, pray that God will meet them with dreams, visions, angelic visitations, Jacob’s ladder experiences, divine miracles, power encounters and any and every sign and wonder that would have deep personal meaning to each individual. As Muslims are especially seeking God on this night for salvation, may they encounter Christ, the true source of salvation, and be forever changed through discovering the heart of the Father for them.
May this night bear much fruit for all who have been sharing Scriptures, planting seeds and watering those seeds throughout all Muslim ministries in the name of Jesus

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