Prayers of repentance needed for what has been done in the past and is being been done now to the Jewish people. All of the issues involve not understanding God’s role for the Jewish people as outlined in His Word.


  1. Any role in scattering the Jewish people throughout the centuries. They were expelled from many European cities and nations for centuries before the Holocaust. Even the USA by General Ulysses S. Grant. I have provided the history below.
  2. Seeking to divide up His Land. (For example, several American presidents have taken a lead role in proposals to divide up what was promised in the Scriptures to the Jews returning from exile. It has been noted that on January 28th, President Trump, who has been a strong friend to Israel, announced a proposal that would divide the Land. The next day, January 29th, he had to announce the establishment of the Corona Virus Task Force.)
  3. Not recognising God’s Plan for the Jewish people as if they are of no account. This applies to most other nations and to the widespread “replacement theology” in the Church.
  4. Boycotting the purchase of goods made in Israel.

What other nation has suffered such persecution down through the centuries. Some of it has been God’s judgement as in the Babylonian captivity and 70 AD expulsion by Rome but much has been satanically driven.

19 CE
Expulsion from the city of Rome by Emperor Tiberius together with practitioners of the Egyptian religion.[6][7]
41-53 CE
Claudius’ expulsion of Jews from Rome.
70 CE
The defeat of the Great Jewish Revolt. Masses of Jews across the Roman Empire enslaved, while many others flee.[8]
Large Jewish communities of CyprusCyrene and Alexandria obliterated after the Jewish defeat in Kitos War 
against Rome.
The Romans suppressed the Bar Kokhba’s revolt. Emperor Hadrian expelled hundreds of thousands Jews from Judea, wiped the name off maps, replaced it with Syria Palaestina, and forbade Jews to set foot in Jerusalem.[9]
Jews expelled from Alexandria under the leadership of Saint Cyril of Alexandria.[10]
Jews expelled from Minorca or asked to convert.[11]
Visigothic king Sisebut mandated that every Jew who would refuse for over a year to have himself or his children and servants baptised would be banished from the country and deprived of his possessions.[12]
The entire Jewish population of Galilee massacred or expelled, following the Jewish rebellion against Byzantium.
7th century
Muhammad expelled Jewish tribes Banu Qaynuqa and Banu Nadir from Medina, The Banu Qurayza tribe was slaughtered and the Jewish settlement of Khaybar was ransacked.
Jews expelled from Mainz.
1095 – mid-13th century
The waves of Crusades destroyed hundreds of Jewish communities in Europe and in the Middle East, including Jerusalem.[9]
Mid-12th century
The invasion of Almohades brought to end the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain. Among other refugees was Maimonides, who fled to Morocco, then Egypt, then Eretz Israel.
Jews expelled from Upper Bavaria.[13][14]
12th–14th centuries
France. The practice of expelling the Jews accompanied by confiscation of their property, followed by temporary readmissions for ransom, was used to enrich the crown: expulsions from Paris by Philip Augustus in 1182, from France by Louis IX in 1254, by Philip IV in 1306, by Charles IV in 1322, by Charles V in 1359, by Charles VI in 1394.
13th century
The influential philosopher and logician Ramon Llull (1232–1315) called for expulsion of all Jews who would refuse conversion to Christianity. Some scholars regard Llull’s as the first comprehensive articulation, in the Christian West, of an expulsionist policy regarding Jews. He was beatified in 1847 by Pope Pius IX
Naples issues first expulsion of Jews in Southern Italy.[15]
King Edward I of England issues the Edict of Expulsion for all Jews from England. The policy was reversed after 365 years in 1655 by Oliver Cromwell.
Destruction of most of the Jewish communities in the Kingdom of Naples.[15]
Jews expelled from Hungary by Louis I of Hungary.[16]
Jews expelled from BernSwitzerland. Although between 1408 and 1427 Jews were again residing in the city, the only Jews to appear in Bern subsequently were transients, chiefly physicians and cattle dealers.[17]
Jews expelled from the Duchy of Austria at the behest of Albert II of Germany.[18][circular reference]
Jews again expelled from Upper Bavaria.[13]
Jews expelled from Passau.[13]
Jews of Ravenna expelled, synagogues destroyed.[15]
Spain: Ferdinand II and Isabella I issued the Alhambra decree, General Edict on the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain (approx. 200,000), from Sicily (1493, approx. 37,000), from Portugal (1496) from Calabria Italy 1554.
Charles VIII of France occupies Kingdom of Naples, bringing new persecution against Jews, many of whom were refugees from Spain.[15]
Jews expelled from PortugalMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, issues a decree expelling all Jews from Styria and Wiener Neustadt.
Jews expelled from Nuremberg.[13]
Jews expelled from Naples.[15]
Jews expelled from Regensburg.[13]
All remaining Jews expelled from the duchy of Bavaria. Jewish settlement in Bavaria ceased until toward the end of the 17th century, when a small community was founded in Sulzbach by refugees from Vienna.[13]
Pope Pius V expels Jews from the papal states, except for Ancona and Rome.[15]
Pope Clement VIII expels Jews living in all the papal states, except Rome, Avignon and Ancona. Jews are invited to settle in Leghorn, the main port of Tuscany, where they are granted full religious liberty and civil rights, by the Medici family, who want to develop the region into a center of commerce.[13]
Nine hundred Jews expelled from Milan.[15]
Fettmilch Uprising: Jews are expelled from FrankfurtHoly Roman Empire, following the plundering of the Judengasse.
The fall of the Dutch colony of Recife in Brazil to the Portuguese prompted the Jewish arrival in New Amsterdam, the first group of Jews to flee to North America.
Jews expelled from Vienna by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and subsequently forbidden to settle in the Austrian Hereditary Lands. The former Jewish ghetto on the Unterer Werd was renamed Leopoldstadt in honour of the emperor and the expropriated houses and land given to Catholic citizens.[19]
Jews expelled from Haiti and all of the other French colonies, due to the Code Noir decree issued by Louis XIV.[20]
War of the Spanish Succession. After the war, Jews of Austrian origin were expelled from Bavaria, but some were able to acquire the right to reside in Munich.[13]
The reforms of Frederick IIJoseph II and Maria Theresa sent masses of impoverished German and Austrian Jews east. See also: Schutzjude.[citation needed]
The tzarina of Russia Catherine the Great institutes the Pale of Settlement, restricting Jews to the western parts of the empire by means of deportation. By the late 19th century, over four million Jews would live in the Pale.
1862 TennesseeMississippiKentucky
Jews expelled by Ulysses S. Grant by General Order No. 11.[21]
Pogroms in the Russian Empire: around 2.5 million Jews emigrated from eastern Europe, mostly to the United States.[22]
The Nazi German persecution started with the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in 1933, reached a first climax during Kristallnacht in 1938 and culminated in the Holocaust of European Jewry. The British Mandate of Palestine prohibited Jewish emigration to Mandatory Palestine

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