Th following email was received from Pastor Charles Otieno from Migori Kenya, I am supporting Charles and two other pastors in Kenya who are passionate about setting up Book of Acts – Home Church groups. As most of you know, I am 84. I am also a pensioner now so am limited in what I can contribute. I would appreciate your help to raise the $380 they need. You can click the donation icon on the front page to make a secure donation. Any amount received in excess of $380 will be used to set Charles up so he can hold Zoom meetings with appropriate training organisations.

I pray that this finds you Ron, your children, and the community of Living Eternal Now (LEN) followers in good health, and the Lord’s presence through all your days.

We are just remaining with 5 days, to our forthcoming mission trip, planned to begin on November 5th-8th, 2020. At Kogaja village, 1km away from the republic of Uganda.

It will be a one day drive, covering approximately 1500 kilometers ,and we shall need to start our journey early in the morning of Wednesday 4th.

Pastor, Alfred, Maurice, Jacob, Jactone, Melkio, Johaness, and Seth, and some church group members, have all confirmed their presence with me on the trip.

I pray and believe that our trip will be of a great blessing to us, and to the people of that area. And we expect to see a positive outcome from the trip.

Our host, brother Saoke has informed me that preparation for the meeting is at high gear. And as much as the meeting is concerned, they are suggesting we hire a tent, saying that the attendance might be big, and couldn’t be seated in a house.

It is apparent that the meeting is going to cost us a large expense, more so on fueling our two vehicles, tent hire, hotel, and food.

All church group members and pastors have helped contribute to our trip, but still is not enough.The little contributed can only help cater for tent hire & food.

Our own total budget for the trip is Kshs 51,500/

We have already Kshs 23,000/ at hand.

Request: I kindly ask you to help support us with A$ 380, which can be approximately Ksha 28,500, depending on the exchange rate of the day.

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