We are doing well here in Kogaja, farthest end  part of Kenya near the  boarder of Kenya and the republic of Uganda. Today, being our fifth day of meetings here, we have held many meetings, ministering to people under a tent and sending out an evangelism team to villages, bus stages and homes, sharing the gospel message and praying with people, even with passengers on the buses. Gladly the outcome has been very positive with many people repenting of their sins and  subsequently giving their testimonies.
The one great challenge is that Elder Samson who has played a major role, teaching and leading our evangelism team fell sick on Friday night, and was rushed to the hospital where he continues to undergo treatment.
This came after he started feeling some body pain in his whole body parts and headache. Later at the hospital the doctors’ report said he was diagnosed with a severe case of malaria.
He is under treatment and has shown very little improvement and the doctors recommend he remains in the hospital for the next three days. This means he will be discharged  possibly on Tuesday.
Our meeting here was scheduled to end today and we are supposed to be travelling back home tomorrow (Monday) in the morning. However as Elder Samson is not due for release until earliest Tuesday, I and my team have decided to extend our time here two days so that we may be able to travel back home on Wednesday together with him. Now the burning issue is where the medical bill, and the additional two days meeting budget money can be found. In prayers, we have asked for God’s wisdom and leading and look for His provision.

Finally, KHC leaders in liaison with the Kogaja house church believers have agreed to make some donations to help in the additional two days budget for the meeting. However, we do ask you and the church meeting in your house to  help donate for us some love offerings in support for Elder Samson medical bill which is KShs 8,400/, approximately Au$120 / depending on the exchange rate.

May you all have a blessed Sunday house fellowship with full of God’s blessings.

I have just sent money to fund the trip so it would be great if three people could donate $50 to help with their expenses. You can do so using the Donation icon on the Home Page.

Pastor Charles at home church meeting in Migori

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