Hopefully, this post will give you a glimpse of what God is doing in Japan. The following move of God in young people started with Japanese Christian Churches wanting to see God use the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo, initiated the ambitious Japan1million campaign (1 million souls won for Jesus).

A 20 year old student joined the first night of the Olympics Opening Prayer time when Japanese Churches came together to launch Japan1million. Moved by what was happening she became aware that missing from this gathering were young people praying. She cried out, “Please Father can young people get together to pray?”
She had no idea how God was going to answer that prayer and that it was going to happen in part through her brother! He heard of the vision to get young people praying but was unsure of what his role would be. He “just so happened” to be at a Starbucks in greater Tokyo (37 million people.) He saw a couple who he had seen on a Youtube Japanese worship channel. He introduced himself. This couple’s vision was to see groups of young people across Japan worshipping and praying for an awakening across Japan. They called themselves Generation Revival as they are convinced they are the generation that will see revival come to Japan.
At this meeting and subsequent ones they discussed how Japanese young people could come together to pray at the conclusion of the Paralympics. And so it happened. Over 100 young people largely from Japan joined together over zoom. Akira Mori, a Japanese Pastor was invited to bring a message. This is what he said,

“God has touched our hearts. He has raised up people around the world to pray for Japan. So many have been praying for revival. We believe God’s mind is fixed to reach this nation. He does it with us taking our part. He wants us to receive our destiny – to rise up to the call of God. We can’t do anything alone.  God will use a method called united prayer. It is not that we need big prayer gathering. What we need is small groups of prayer cells- 5-7 people praying regularly for Japan – here and around the world. It will cost. Once you receive this conviction from God you can’t escape. It will chase you. If you truly desire to say yes tonight then pray with a new heart and mind.”
Across screens, spontaneously, hands rose to commit. Everywhere, willing hearts saying yes to God. They knew it was time for Japanese young Christians to step up and pray.
Akira concluded, “This is not a onetime one off thing – keep the fire burning. Let’s make prayer fire starters across Japan – small fires that will ignite the whole nation. These prayer groups across the country that will fire everyone. We can’t manage them. People will want to join in cause they don’t want to miss out on what God is doing.

29 young Christians from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt watched the first part of the evening and then spent time praying in Arabic for Japan. The Thailand Sports ministry team, sensing the significance of the evening,  chose to fast and pray for the Youth prayer night.

A young Japanese man commented, “This is happening in Japan! I am witnessing the beginning of something I know I want to be part of. Tonight I saw young people free to live with purpose.
When the Prayer gathering concluded the organizers were stunned. They sensed they were caught up in a move of God. Rio, the young lady who had prayed for a youth prayer meeting joined the debrief. She cried as she shared her ask of God at that first prayer meeting. Overwhelmed, she thanked God for answering her prayer.

You may want to add this move of God in Japan to your Prayer List or at least ask God if this is something you should do.

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