For those interested in supporting the Kenya House Church Movement, I am putting up this interim report Charles had given me on their very successful mission trip to Londiani in 2021. It has a lot of images that speak volumes. It was in my LEN Draft Posts area that I had overlooked.

Dear Ron,

Gladly, our mission to Londiani is progressing well. Interestingly, unlike many of the places we have visited, quite a big number have been turning up to hear our gospel massage. The big number in attendance has forced us to hire one more tent which has blown our budget,. I will share more on this tomorrow. Today we visited a nearby hospital and prayed for a young boy who has been bedridden for a period of time. In the pictures, you will be able to see a young sick boy, and our Londiani hosts. More on the progress of our mission trip here will be given to you tomorrow.

Previewing temp_image_20211106_001042_f392d236-b4ae-43f5-9d89-d229dae68ca6.jpg
Tent ministry
Previewing temp_image_20211106_002359_94b6b9e1-291f-4f2c-897f-6b3e332d12ab.jpg
Mission and local leaders discussing trip

People needing prayer
Men’s ministry

Mission leaders hearing from a local leader
Previewing temp_image_20211106_001246_2ddd0bb7-f3bf-4425-b3e1-644118d4aa4d.jpg
Sick man in hospital
Home Group

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