The main scientific objection to the General Theory of Evolution (the theory that all the living forms in the world have arisen from a single source which itself came from an inorganic form) is not that changes occur through time, and neither is it about the size of the change. The key issue is the type of change required — to change microbes into men requires changes that increase the genetic information content, from over half a million DNA ‘letters’ of even the ‘simplest’ self-reproducing organism to three billion ‘letters’ (stored in each human cell nucleus).

Nothing in evolutionary literature provides a single example of functional new information being added.

To claim that mere change proves information-increasing change can occur is like saying that because a merchant sells goods, he can sell them for a profit. The origin of information is a major problem for the GTE — see the CMI article Information: A modern scientific design argument.

Information requires an intelligent source and is ample proof for the existence of our Creator God who has made Himself known, ultimately through God, the Son, coming to earth to redeem us, to restore us back into a right relationship with our Heavenly Father, our Creator.

Information: A modern scientific design argument

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