The Two Witnesses Documentary: Who, What, When? Who are the Two Witnesses in Bible Prophecy? What will they do and when will they arise and minister? Are they Moses and Elijah? Enoch and Elijah? Maybe one Old and one New Testament prophet? Or do they represent one Jewish and one Gentile believer? You may have watched Movies on the Two Witnesses before, but this Bible Prophecy video on The Two Witnesses of Revelation will clear up any misconceptions! This documentary looks at the full breadth of Bible testimony about the witnesses and comes to some amazing conclusions. Were they the two men at Jesus’s tomb when he arose? And is this what they will preach about on the earth, that they were witnesses of Jesus’ ascension? What will be the final act of their ministry?

Nelson does a great job of looking at all the options of who the two witnesses are and I believe his conclusion is convincing. As well Nelson reveals when the Rapture happens. You will need to go to YouTube to watch this video so that Nelson gets the number of YouTube visits he needs to maintain his position and support on YouTube. https://youtu.be/cfhWpTKDOQg

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