Jonathan Cahn delivers a prophetic word on what’s happening to our children – from Disney to Balenciaga, Baal to Molech, child sacrifice, pedophilia, the return of the gods and paganism, and what it all means.

You will be shocked by what you see happening at Disney. Disney’s new Christmas series depicts children holding up signs that say, “We Love You Satan”.  While some commentators claim the “We Love You Satan” scene was for comedic effect, the people that did this were demonically led just as those that started using the term Santa. Is it a coincidence that Satan is an anagram of Santa? Of course not, it is all about instilling dark thoughts into children’s minds. It is obvious that Disney management has been taken over by demonic entities. We are living in the prophesied end times when God said “they will call evil good and good evil“. The good news is that it precedes Jesus soon coming return.

Mentioned in this video is Jonathan’s new book, Return of the Gods – The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled. This book like all of his books is faith-building as you come to understand that God is in control of all events in His world.

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