“Because approximately half of the prophecies of the Bible have already been fulfilled in a literal way, it gives a proper intellectual basis for assuming that prophecy yet to be fulfilled will likewise have a literal fulfillment. At the same time, it justifies the conclusion that the Bible is inspired of the Holy Spirit and that prophecy goes far beyond any scheme of man but is instead a revelation by God of that which is to come to pass.

Consider carefully. If every prophecy concerning Jesus’ first coming was fulfilled, couldn’t we logically expect each prophecy concerning his second coming also to be fulfilled? Not one prophecy of Scripture has ever been wrong. Many have already been remarkably fulfilled. Some await fulfillment, but none has ever been shown to be erroneous.

There are 300 plus prophecies of Jesus first coming that were fulfilled but there are 2000 plus prophecies of Jesus’ second coming and the end of this age. This should be a sufficient warning that God wants us to be prepared for what is coming. God gives us incredible detail on the last seven years prior to Jesus’ return to this earth to put things right. What we discover from the prophecies is that as many as 50% of people in our churches particularly the denominational churches are not born again. They have never received the Holy Spirit which is the only sure sign of conversion. Hence, as the persecution of Christians increases we will see the great falling away Jesus prophesied would happen as persecution of Christians intensifies. The apostasy in the Institutional church denominations is sad but is the reason God had to bring tribulation to purify His church. Gay marriage and homosexual pastors is not OK.

The Bible says we can recognize the signs and the times. Why would signs be given, if they were not to be recognized? Wouldn’t you think God would desire to warn His people they were in the waning days of this age? The flood wasn’t sprung on Noah at the last minute. No, he was given a specific mission for that last bit of time before the prediluvian age ended. Noah had to hear the warning. Heed that warning. Realize it applied to him. Noah had to stop the debate and accept this judgment was coming. He had to confirm. He had to end the debate. So, think with me. What if our nearness to the last days could be confirmed, and the energy Christians spend debating it was refocused on the important rescue mission at hand? What if you could end the debate inside yourself?

What if the church could with certainty know time was ticking; therefore, the fun and games needed to stop, and the mission of Christ was to be taken seriously more than ever? What if followers of Christ could see the finish line? If they could, they’d understand it was time to shift to an all-out sprint. The slow steady pace would be history. That dreaming sounds good, but again—can we know? Yes. Scripture provides signs of the end of the age. Many for that matter. When one begins looking for Biblical signs of the last days, they find there is an overwhelming amount.

Some of the Biblical signs have existed in some way in almost every generation. Others are specific signs that will appear only at the time of the end. As someone pinpointing a location on a gridded map, the last days would be found when those general signs are precisely intersected with the specific ones. A convergence of the manifestation of signs is what we’re looking for.

The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.1 Peter 4:7

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