For four years now, I have been partly funding the Kenya House Church Movement taking one missionary trip a month to rural towns to establish house churches.

In April 2022, I visited Migori, Kenya to meet 21 House Church leaders and put on a three-day training meeting in a tin shed. We had a diesel-powered generator and WiFi and were able to have a Zoom Meeting with Creation Ministries International.

In this picture Pastor Charles Otieno Owino is on the far left and it is obvious where I am. Note there are many young men leading the house churches. Ongoing training is important for the group and I have been able to hold at least one Zoom Meeting.

I am now in my 87th year on this planet and God has me narrowing my ministry focus on Jesus’ soon-coming Millennial Kingdom. I have advised Charles that I will no longer be financially supporting KHC Mission Trips and he was of cause disappointed. Nevertheless, he is aware that God is in total control of His planet and all that goes on it so he knows that God can raise up whosoever just as he did me to take this ministry forward.

I did commit to putting this post up so that my followers can pray for KHC and if they feel led, take on the task of supporting the movement with funds. If you are interested can I suggest you go take a look at some of the Kenya House Church Mission Trips that I have put up on this website. The last one was on December 17th, 2022 Kenya HouseChurch Mission Trip to Uriri.

You can communicate directly with Charles Otieno Owino, email address: Home address: Isibana Rd, Kenya. He banks with Diamond Trust Bank Kenya. I have sent funds using Western Union and he collects the funds at W.U. Migori.

You may have noticed that I put a Donations icon on the Home Page of this website solely to support the KHC Movement. I will maintain this icon as I will continue to post reports on the KHC Mission Trips as long as I am able.

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