Jenn Nizza has been a psychic for over two decades before abandoning the occult to follow Jesus Christ. Today, she is now speaking about her experiences and warning everyone about what demonic practices can do to one’s life.

“The gravity of my salvation is so heavy because Jesus saved me out of the occult,” she said in an interview. “I was directly serving the devil for 25 years of my life. At the age of 36, she cried out to Jesus for the first time and became a Christian. Suddenly, the darkness she was embroiled in was illuminated. She quit her job as a psychic, picked up her cross to follow Jesus — and hasn’t looked back. Nizza, author of the books “From Psychic to Saved” and “Out of the New Age and Into the Truth,” is now exposing the New Age, occultism, and paranormal deceptions through “The Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast.” This podcast is dedicated to warning all about the dangers of the occult. She will talk about many New Age topics, expose where psychics get their information, interact with compelling guests, and much more!


Ben Atkins grew up in a Christian yet chaotic household. They seem to look comfortable on the outside but beneath the facade was a lot of trauma and distress. Eventually, his parents’ faith began to fall apart leading him to turn away from his belief. He also had negative experiences with his church.

“It was a church that didn’t believe in the God at work today through anything other than the Bible, and so what I experienced in church just didn’t shine with life.”

In search of something that would fill his life, he turned to sex, drugs, alcohol, and other vices. He also began to dive into non-Christian meditation and other supernatural practices.

“All I can say is I had this deep craving in me to connect with my suffering and have it acknowledged,” he said. “And that’s what led me to explore some really dark ways of living.”

He started reading “The Satanic Bible,” the manifesto for modern-day Satanism and started practicing rituals written in it.

“I’d already been … doing certain rituals with friends to harness the power around me or within me or, or whatever,” he said. “I had friends who, I guess would say they were witches or whatever.”

Ben dove deeper into the dark abyss until he experienced being tormented by Satan.

“One morning … he was at the end of my bed and he said to me, ‘You’re gonna finish your [end of college] exams and then you’re gonna die,’” Ben recalled. “…I was seeing demons, and demons were, like, coming to me and entering me. I just became more and more depressed.”

He finally gave himself to the dark voices and started planning how to end his own life.

“It was at that point I started planning how to kill myself because I didn’t see a way out. I thought, ‘Well, either Satan’s gonna kill me, or I am. So I’d rather at least seize back one last bit of power.’”

It was at that moment that God saved his life. Ben has been invited to a Christian event by his sister’s friend, he went feeling angry as he saw people who loved God and were filled with joy. In the midst of that confusion and frustration, a man came up to him and started praying for him in tongues. During that prayer, he encountered Jesus Christ in a way he never did before!

“All the things I’d been up to in life, I was chasing highs and trying to feel lows, and that peace that I felt was higher than any high I’d ever felt.”

From that moment on, he turned away from Satanism and pursued a relationship with Jesus Christ. Today, he is now a pastor leading people to know Jesus Christ.

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