Turkey’s Foreign Minister H. E. Ahmet Davutoğlu’s work, Strategic Depth: Turkey’s International Position, outlined the country’s aspiration to be the strategic nation of the twenty-first century. (

Davutoğlu asserted this Turkish pride and confidence in his address to the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. in 2010. He said that if Turkey had been allowed to join the European Union in 2003, “I am sure today we would have a new Europe, a much more creative, dynamic Europe, even responding to the economic crisis in a much better way.”

Erdogan turning Hagia Sophia once again into a mosque is seen by a substantial segment of the Turkish population as part of the effort to reclaim their country’s history.

The joke in Turkey now is they are very glad that the EU did not allow them to join their club, because the economic crises of Greece, Spain, Portugal, and others would have simply dragged down Turkey’s explosive growth. Can you see the chutzpah of Davutoğlu’s statement, that Europe would be “much more dynamic” with Turkey included? Again, whether you consider him delusional or insightful, you need to notice the pride in his outlook. Regardless of what we think in the Western world about Turkey, Turks believe their country to be primed for world leadership, whether or not it is allowed into the good ol’ boys club of the G8 or EU, or any other group you want to pick. Turks are well aware of why Europe does not like them, but it will not let a barricade in Brussels stop them from finding what they believe to be their rightful place in the world. Turkey is determined to find its way in a new global order that is being shaken every day. Do not be at all surprised if Turkey leads an Islamic federation one day and says, “We tried to join with you in the West, but you ungraciously snubbed us. We have joined a new club now and demand an equal say in how the world will proceed.” Davutoğlu added that Turkey had representation in 221 nations, making it the seventh most widespread country in terms of foreign missions in the world, and of course, the only Islamic one in the top ten! “We will continue these openings because we want Turkey to be not only a regional power influential in surrounding regions but a global player everywhere in the world.” He wrapped up the final portion of his speech with these memorable lines:

Therefore, we will be everywhere, whenever we are needed. We will be active everywhere. Some people may think – they may try to imagine or force us to be busy only with Syria, but in the morning we wake up with Syria, and before noon our mind is in the Balkans, in the afternoon, in Africa, in the evening in UN or in Latin America. Nobody will or can limit our vision.” (Ibid)

Is there any question as to how Mr. Davutoğlu and other Turkish leaders see their role? “We will be everywhere.” “Nobody will or can limit our vision.”

Perhaps Davutoğlu was so bold because he was speaking just a few miles from the construction site of what will be the largest Islamic complex in the Western hemisphere, the $100 million mega-mosque being erected in nearby Lanham, Maryland. The Turkish American Community Center will feature an exhibition hall, amphitheater, library, cultural center, athletic fields, and a stunning mosque, among other structures.[229] Erdoğan has visited the construction zone and sees it as a bulwark to fight “Islamophobia” in the U.S.A

God tells us with the prophecy given to Daniel (Daniel 8) over 500 years before Jesus Christ that in the end times, Turkey (Goat) would establish a revived Ottoman Empire by crushing Iran (Ram) but it will be broken up into four nations and out of one of those the Antichrist will arise. We are already seeing Iran doing what the Bible said it would in the end times pushing westward, northward, and southward with its proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen. It is only a matter of time before Sunni Turkey takes on Shia Iran for dominance of the Muslim Caliph.

Get Ralph Stice’s book for the full story on Islam’s role in the end times and the coming Antichrist’s rule. Also, check out my earlier post, Turkey’s Erdogan is intent on becoming Global Caliph.

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