New BBC Series “Wonders of Life” How Life First Began

Extract of article by Dominic Stratham:
Professor Brian Cox particle physicist at Manchester University UK is set to takeover from David Attenborough as BBC’s popular science presenter.
It seems he has all the right credentials: in 1990’s he played keyboard for the pop group D Ream, he is considered the best looking physics professor around and he has no time for the God of the Bible.
This latest series by the BBC unequivocally promotes the naturalistic world view as scientific with statements about evolution prefixed with phrases such as “We Know” and What’s certain”
The good news is that there are so many unscientific arguments presented by Dr Cox that this programme is very reassuring for creationists: if this is all they can come up with then we have very little to fear. The tragedy however is that for the general public it just reinforces what they have been fed by the secular media and educational establishments. To read Dominic Statham’s full article go to

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