Proof of the truth of the Bible from its foundations in GENESIS

The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis

After reading Bill Cooper’s book you will never read Genesis in the same way again.

Bill Cooper is a respected historian and scholar who recently on behalf of the British Library transcribed and edited the latest reprint of William Tyndale’s 1388 translation of the new Testament. He has authored numerous articles and books including the acclaimed After The Flood in which he documents how the earliest Europeans recorded their descent from Noah.

Archaeologists and students of history know that museums around the world contain numerous records of the ancient civilizations that lived around the middle east 2,500 years before Christ. A remarkable number contain narratives that are identical or similar to events documented in Genesis particularly the big three: the CREATION account, a WORLDWIDE FLOOD and CONFUSION OF LANGUAGES at the Tower of Babel. Cooper demonstrates that the weight of evidence points to GENESIS being the original , authentic record of these events.

Cooper presents compelling evidence that the modernists’ claim, that the Babylonian Flood Legend (Epic of Gilgamesh) is the source of all other Flood legends is false. For example in the last decade of the 19th century, an archaeological dig by the University of Pennsylvania unearthed a tablet fragment from the ancient city of Nippur. It is written in Semitic Babylonian which is closely related to biblical Hebrew. Most significantly it is dated to at least 2,500 years BC – centuries older than the original text of the Gilgamesh epic. It’s phraseology is so close to the Genesis text its translator Professor H.V. Hilprecht, wrote:

“…its significance is further enhanced by the fact that in most important details it agrees with the biblical version of the deluge in a very remarkable manner – much more so than any other cuneiform version previously known”.

It is arguably one of the most precious discoveries ever for those who seek to defend the Bible’s account of history.

As with the Flood legends there is an abundance of testimonies from all over the world , concerning the building of a great tower and the subsequent confusion of languages at Babel.

If people dispersed out of the Middle East a little over 4,000 years ago, as the Bible indicates, we would expect the descendants of people all over the world to share these common legends of a worldwide flood and confusion of languages but this would not be the case if the secular evolutionary history of mankind is true that people dispersed from Africa around 60,000 to 100,000 years ago.

You can source Bill Cooper’s book from This summary is extracted from the Journal of Creation Vol. 27 (1) 3013

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