The ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) Project proves beyond doubt that the Evolution inspired view that the human genome is mostly “junk DNA” is false.
Many evolutionists don’t like the findings. One blogged on Scientific American’s website that he doubted the death of junk DNA and complained about the “public damage” being caused by ENCODE publicity.
Damage to what? Surely not science? Atheism?
Giving three reasons why evolution requires lots of junk DNA, he concluded that the findings of ENCODE that 80% + (100% is likely) is functional must be wrong or misreported.
Junk DNA is dead and this blog only shows that evolution should die with it.
There are three fundamental theorems of information:
Theorem 1: The fundamental quantity information is a non material (mental) entity. It is not a property of matter so that purely material processes are fundamentally precluded as sources of information.
Theorem 2: Information only arises through an intentional, volitional act.
Theorem 3: Information comprises the nonmaterial foundation for all technological systems and for all works of art.
The greatest known density of information is that in the DNA of living cells exceeding by far the best achievement of highly integrated storage densities in computers.
Thousands of man-years of research as well as unprecedented technological developments were required to produce a Megabit chip, but we are expected to believe that the complex storage principles embodied in DNA, with their much higher degree of integration, developed spontaneously in matter which was left to itself.
Such a “theory” is, to say the least, absurd in the highest degree.
Dazzling DNA by Dr Don Batten http://www.creation.com
In the Beginning was Information by Dr Werner Gitt Master Books 2007.

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