Late last year Pastor Alfred’s wife and daughter came down with Covid 19 and sadly his daughter died. Just this week I received a report to say that Pastor Maurice lost his wife Helen to Covid. The small House Church movement in Kenya is in shock with death in the families of two house church leaders from Covid 19.

In the following email Pastor Charles has asked for support to help the Kenya House Church group provide support for Maurice, the funeral and hospital expenses. If you feel inclined to make a donation to help the group then please do so via the donation icon on the Home Page. I am committed to send $250.

Past Maurice and his wife Helen of the Ndhiwa House Church Group

As you may know, pastor Maurice’s wife, Helen was a believer in the Ndhiwa House Church Group, where husband Maurice is the group pastor.

Maurice has provided great support and taken responsibility in the KHC movement for the Ndhiwa group despite the challenges he has been undergoing. He has stood firm and strong in proclaiming our faith and doctrine. You may remember, his house burnt down almost three months ago now and nothing was rescued. Now he has lost his wife, Helen. Surely he needs our prayers and support.

The late Helen contracted Covid 19 at a funeral service she had attended at her aunt’s home.

Her body is in the mortuary nearby her aunt’s health facility waiting for burial which must take place within a maximum of four days, as is required by the public health department Covid19 protocols. It means that Helen’s body will be buried on Monday, February 1st.

I was able to call an urgent meeting today with the church group pastors. We resolved to give our beloved sister a final send off within the stated time frame and we agreed that every pastor is to attend and organize for a small contribution of Kshs 1000/. As well, we all agreed to give a personal contribution of Kshs 1500/. All to be done latest Saturday.

We expect a total collection of Kshs 20,000/, from all our 8 KHC groups, and pastors. This is is to help give support to our brother.

Unfortunately, this amount is not enough compared to the budget, and hospital bill. We have a total budget of Kshs 45,000/, this is to cater for :- Transportation – 9,000, Coffin. – 8,000, Tent hire – 3000, Mortuary bill – 5,000, (1000 x 5 days), -Medical bill -15,000, Food & other expenses – 5000.

Request: On behalf of pastor Maurice and the KHC movement leadership team, I do hereby kindly request you to help give our brother a financial assistance , so that together with our small contribution here, he may be able to give his wife a memorable final send off. We are still in need of Kshs 25,000/, approximately Au$300, depending on the exchange rate.

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