We are on the way travelling to Londiani, and we have almost covered 3kms away from Migori. I pray and trust God to lead us on the trip and go ahead of us.
It is very difficult for me and my team financially, poor contributions were realized from our house churches, and therefore we do have not enough budget for the trip.
We thought of cancelling our trip because of lack of funds, but I had hope of your funding our trip, knowing full well you sometimes make a transfer of funds at the last hour. I’m discouraged that you lack funds to send, but strongly encouraged because it is God’s work, and He never disappoints his disciples.
I strongly put my trust in Him, despite the financial lack for the trip, believing He is still able to provide to support this mission. I will keep focused on Him and keep praying for the success of this mission trip to this far region.
God willing, you will be able to transfer some funds when money comes in your hand.
It seems to be going very difficult for us, but kindly put us in your prayers for a successful trip and a positive outcome to be realized.
 I will keep you posted.
Let us keep in touch,
Blessings, Charles

I felt led to put this post up. Perhaps God wants to use you to support Charles and his team. If you feel led, you can donate on my Home Page by clicking on the DONATION icon

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