Sixth Seal Ministries

John Haller is just one of the people that God has raised up to alert Christians to the “end times” events that are unfolding in our time. The ministry website is SEALED IN CHRIST (Sixth Seal Ministries http://www.sixthsealministries.wordpress.com). They like many other “end times” ministries now hold to a PreWrath rapture position and there are excellent resources on the website that supports this position. John is also a young earth creationist and supports http://www.creation.com

God is connecting His “end times” ministries to alert Christians to the events revealed in His Word that will unfold before His return first to rapture the church prior to the wrath of God being poured out on the world with the Trumpet and Bowl judgments.

This update from John Haller will bring you up to date on what is happening in the world today in relation to end times Biblical prophecy. The Great Reset being spoken of by the World Economic Forum is probably the most significant event relating to the end times world government. He mentions the Premier of Victoria, Australia but got his name wrong. It is Daniel Andrews. John is correct that this man is controlled by Satan and implementing anti-God laws at an alarming rate.


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