In relation to sex and gender, regardless of our linguistic machinations, our sex as male or female is stamped on nearly every cell of the body. No matter what linguistic tools are employed to achieve this end, it is a vain effort that will fail. Changing sex is impossible. No amount of chemical intervention or surgery can change a person’s sex. The XX chromosomes remain XX. The XY chromosomes remain XY.

But there is also damage done to language itself when we begin to refer to biological males or females by opposite-sex pronouns and act as if, by our words, we can change reality. The twisting of language is a deadly serious problem.

At base, the splitting of sex and gender is a distortion of language to change how people see reality. Behind the distortion is a belief that no truths about the world can be known with certainty. Rather, truth is up to the individual. In the United States, a majority now believes this. If nothing about reality is knowable, then no meaningful difference exists between male and female (or truth or a lie, or justice or injustice, or any other distinction, for that matter). Words bear no clearly identifiable relationship to anything knowable. At root, the gender ideology battle is a battle over the very meaning of words. It is a twisting of language to change how people see the world. The change from what we use to label transsexual to transgender was so deceptive I believe it was satanically driven. The shift was cunning and one that was intended to mainstream transgenderism and even apply it to children.

The prefix “trans” means “to change,” and the individuals who experienced some kind of body dysmorphia that manifested in confusion about one’s sex were, until recent years, known as “transsexuals.” For many, the word connotes something extremely odd — perhaps a sexual fetish. But with the introduction of the idea that gender is malleable, people were led to question whether the distinction between male and female even exists or matters.

Among the most pernicious aspects of twisting language is that people are required, if they want to be socially acceptable, to participate in lies. It is an undoing of the very idea that the words we use refer to anything real.

The gender ideology movement insists that for humans to be free to pursue their fullest self-interest, reality itself must be deconstructed. God has given them up to depraved minds.

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.Romans 1:28

Adapted from article Nashville massacre proves twisting language and reality has deadly consequences By Brandon Showalter and Jeff Myers, Op-ed contributor Christian Post, April 10th 2023

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