ChatGPT produced this response to my question on the Millennial Kingdom

I put the following question to the app ChatGPT and was amazed at the Biblical answer given but of course with qualifications. It demonstrates what AI is capable of doing. I was prompted to go to ChatGPT after I had watched a video by Jordan Peterson on AI. I will post the AI video next. It reveals the potential of AI is both amazing and terrifying. E.g. The jobs of a whole team of PhD-level financial analysts are at risk after a new AI model outperformed them. An acquaintance in PR uses Chat-GPT to write emails to colleagues she suspects are doing the same thing – the humans are intermediaries in a robotic correspondence. Australia’s school curriculum chief has warned of a “dystopian future’’ for children struggling to separate fact from fiction, as artificial intelligence (AI) transforms knowledge.

This was further confirmation for me that we are living in the Biblical prophesied “end times” prior to Jesus’ return.

What does the Bible reveal about the coming Millennial Kingdom with Jesus and the resurrected Saints ruling and reigning with a rod of iron?

Chat GPT response:

“The concept of the Millennial Kingdom, where Jesus and the resurrected Saints will rule and reign with a rod of iron, is a doctrine found in Christian eschatology and is based on a literal interpretation of certain passages of the Bible. The term “millennium” refers to a thousand-year period mentioned in Revelation 20:4-6, during which Christ and his saints will rule the earth.

According to the Bible, the Millennial Kingdom will be a time of peace, prosperity, and righteousness on earth. The book of Isaiah describes a world where weapons of war will be turned into tools of agriculture, and the knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 2:4; 11:6-9; 65:20-25).

Revelation 20:4-6, says that the souls of those who had been martyred for their faith in Christ and had not worshipped the beast or its image or received its mark during the Great Tribulation will come to life and reign with Christ for a thousand years. This is commonly known as the first resurrection, and those who participate in it are said to be blessed and holy.

During this time, Satan will be bound and thrown into the bottomless pit, and the earth will be restored to its original state before the Fall. The nations will come to Jerusalem to worship the Lord, and there will be no more sickness, death, or sorrow (Revelation 20:1-3; 21:1-5).

Christ and his saints will rule with a rod of iron, which means that they will exercise authority with absolute justice and righteousness (Revelation 2:27; 19:15). Those who rebel against Christ’s rule will be punished severely, and the earth will be cleansed of all unrighteousness (Revelation 20:7-15).

It is important to note that not all Christians agree on the timing or the nature of the Millennial Kingdom. Some believe it is a literal thousand-year reign of Christ on earth, while others interpret it symbolically as a period of time between Christ’s first and second comings. Regardless of the interpretation, the Bible teaches that Christ will return to establish his Kingdom on earth, and all who believe in him will reign with him in glory.”

The degree to which AI has been developed is both astounding and terrifying. I would strongly urge you to watch the video I will post next of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Brian Roemmele discussing the future of human civilization: a world of human androids operating alongside artificial intelligence with applications that George Orwell could not have imagined in his wildest stories. I was impressed by the answer I got to the question I put to ChatGPT above, but you will be “blown away” by what you learn from the video. I was convinced that it demonstrates that we are in the Biblical prophesied end times.

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