This video will astound you as it certainly did me. It reveals that those developing AI programs really do not realize what will be the final outcome of what they are developing. Hence, we do not understand what we are developing with AI. You need to watch this video it will educate you on what is possible with AI. Much of it is positive and valuable but in the hands of evil people, it is terrifying. It is 2 hours in length but you will need more time so that you can make notes on things which are useful to you and your family.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Brian Roemmele discuss the future of human civilization: a world of human androids operating alongside artificial intelligence with applications that George Orwell could not have imagined in his wildest stories. Whether the future will be a dystopian nightmare devoid of art or a hyper-charged intellectual utopia is yet to be seen. Still, the markers are clear … everything is already changing.

Brian Roemmele is a scientist, researcher, analyst, entrepreneur, and tech expert at the forefront of artificial intelligence. His current publication, Multiplex, offers itself as an experiment in journalism as he and his team give live updates on the empirical research they conduct in the field and advocate for AI’s positive emergence and acceptance in much the same way as personal computers.

If you needed more evidence that we are in the Biblical “last days” prior to Jesus’ second coming then this is it.

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