John Wesley statue
Statue of John Wesley outside Wesley Church in Melbourne, Australia.

John Wesley considered every thought word and deed in light of eternity.
Wesley preached with unceasing zeal that complete holiness was the primary fruit of a vibrant faith in Christ and of course the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer. Wesley wrote “until you press believers to expect full salvation from sin, you won’t see revival. Before I preach love and grace I must preach sin, law and judgment.”
Consumed by the thought of the shortness of time, the great work to be done and the need for haste in doing it, on he marched, preaching, pleading, warning and guiding.
Wesley pleaded with men and women to repent and by faith make peace with God or suffer an everlasting hell. He was determined to declare the whole counsel of God in Christ and give warning of the dreadful consequences of rejecting the Gospel.
When he was 83 he made a note in his diary that he was regretful that he could not write more than 15 hours a day without hurting his eyes. He preached almost up to the day he died. truly his vigour and zeal in old age were the reward of his faithful stewardship of time.
He did indeed consider every thought word and deed in light of eternity.

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