Time is short; God has an incredible plan, about to unfold, that will lead to the glorious return of his Son as King of the Earth. He wants every one of his bond-servants to buy into his plan 100%. He wants us all to be involved, but it means total surrender to His will – ” not as I will, but as You will.” Matt 26:39

During a recent prayer time, Holy Spirit revealed to me a definite end time message:

The Pharisees and the Sadducee’s had over three hundred prophecies of My first coming and they didn’t get it. Accurate prophecies of My birth location, My life, My ministry, My death and My resurrection, but because they did not reveal the Messiah they wanted, one who would release them from oppressive Roman rule, they were dismissed.

Sadly, the church has far more prophecies of my imminent second coming, and at best, they are ignoring them. My church is asleep. When was the last time your pastor delivered a sermon on Jesus second coming and that current events particularly those in the middle east and moral decay in the west would indicate we are in the last days – The Day of The Lord.

The Book of Revelation is the book of the Bible that best explains God’s plan to bring about the return of Jesus. Being of a category of biblical literature called “apocalyptic literature,” much like the book of Ezekiel or Daniel, Revelation features visions of strange coloured horses, dragons, thrones in heaven, scenes in the starry sky, etc. God has placed them in Revelation as a message to us. What do they all mean? In Nelson Walters timely, just released book, Revelation Deciphered, you are going to visit and make sense of these things.


Revelation contains references to hundreds of Old and New Testament passages. These references decipher the meaning behind Revelation’s cryptic prophecies. If you have ever wondered what Revelation is all about, the answers were always there in Genesis, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Joel, Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Micah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc. Understanding Revelation in this new, fresh, biblical way organises all of biblical prophecy into one coherent whole. Revelation Deciphered shows how these puzzle pieces fit together. Nelson Walter’s method provides answers to questions whose solutions have lain concealed for centuries:

Is there a “Pattern of Seven Events” woven throughout all of scripture that identifies and explains each year of the upcoming time period our culture calls “the Tribulation?”

Does this “Pattern of Seven Events” help reveal the timing of the Rapture with precision?

Are the “Letters to the Seven Churches” in Revelation prophetic and not just historic letters or Church Ages? Do these unique prophesies provide the Church with detailed instructions on how to overcome the trials that lie ahead?

Does scripture predict a major Mideast war prior to the “Tribulation” that will launch the career of the Antichrist? Where does scripture predict he will arise?

What are the Four Horsemen and the Beast; and how are they related to the rise of Islam?

Most importantly of all, how should Christians apply what they’ve learned from Revelation to live victoriously in the days ahead?

You will be amazed and blessed by the new insights uncovered in Revelation Deciphered. This is unlike anything you have read before.

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