I praise God for giving us a safe travelling to and from Kisii mission trip.
I have just arrived home from Kisii. We had a good reception from our brothers whom we visited.
We had also a wonderful and blessed trip, which was accompanied by God’s miracles, signs and wonders.
God was on our side, and people were receptive to our Gospel message. And in  every place we visited, God placed into our hands, and gave them understanding of our teachings.
Gladly, many people believed in Jesus Christ, and a church group of 8 people was birthed. Several pictures were taken, and hoping Pst. Charles will be able to give you the full report from our mission trip.
Our next planned mission trip will be on July 28th to 1st August 2021, at LIDHA, along the shore of Lake Victoria, within my sub-county county, Nyatike. More information you will receive from pastor Charles, our leader and founder of KHC movement. Thank you for having supported our mission trip. Keeping you and your people in prayers.

The only reason I put a Donation icon on my website is to garner support for the Kenya House Church Movement. I would love to build a support team that can pray for and support financially this growing movement. You can join us on Zoom meetings and get to know the leaders of this group. You will be blessed if you do. If you want more information on KHC then email me on (bakb stands for Build a Kingdom Business)

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